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Savings account
The best offer on the market


0,10 % Basic interest rate



0,05 % Account > € 1 million


The savings account is the perfect solution for gaining interests on money you do not need right away. Moreover, your savings are available to you at any moment, 24hrs a day. At the end of the year you will receive a nice interest. Additional profits are always welcome. The savings account is ideal if you want a small reserve in times of need.

Advantages of the savings account

  • An interest rate of 0,10%

A unique interest rate of 0,10% will be applied on ALL sums starting at 1st eurocent to € 1 million. For sums higher than 1.000.000 EUR the basic interest rate on the first 1.000.000 EUR is 0,10%, then it switches to 0,05% for the residual amount.

This interest rate is valid for everybody: new clients as well as existing clients.

  • Cheap, fast and practical

Flexible management: money remains available at any time and you can transfer money in real time with just a few clicks to your current or your trading account.

You save without costs: no management fee, no cost for the online bank statements.

  • Your extra return thanks to the savings account calculated for one year (for new paid amount)

Deposited amount € 10,000 € 15,000 € 20,000
Interests with the savings account ** € 10 € 15 € 20
  • Value dates

  • D+15 for your deposits: the interests are booked 15 days after the transfer on the account.
  • D-15 for your withdrawals: the amount debited stop to produce interests 15 days before the date of the withdrawal.
  • Debit rate: basic interest rate +3%.
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* Basic interest rate applies on the total amount of your savings account. The interests are calculated on an annual basis.
** Liable to a withholding tax.

Rates come into effect as from 01/02/2016.