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Term account
The ideal solution to invest on a short term without any risks

If you do not require your liquidities during a fixed period of time, the term account is an interesting alternative with respect to the savings account but offering a good flexibility and a high gross interest rate.

Keytrade Bank Luxembourg offers you a term account without extra fees. Thanks to this new product, you can, on a short term, invest without any risks at the best market conditions.

The term account advantages

  • High guaranteed interest rates

    The interest rates are daily adapted to the current market conditions. The higher the amount, the higher the interest.

      1,000 – 100,000 EUR 100,001 – 250,000 EUR > 250,000 EUR
    1 week - - -
    1 month - - -
    3 months - - -
    6 months - - -
    1 year - - -
    2 years - - -
    3 years - - -
    5 years - - -
    7 years - - 0.05%
    10 years 0.14% 0.24% 0.34%
  • Simple and flexible

    You can open your term account easily online with a minimum amount of € 1,000 and choose yourself the period of the term. This can take between one week and ten years. This way, you can create a completely tailored term account.

  • Money available during your investment

    The term account offers the guarantee that you can break up the term at each moment and free your cash immediately. For more information on the breakup of the term click here.

  • Transparency and freedom

    There are no fees linked to this account. You know in advance the turnover of your investment. At the due date the deposited amount added with the accrued interest will be automatically placed on the linked account. You determine yourself if you wish to extend the term account or not.