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Invest with full knowledge of the situation: Keytrade Bank Luxembourg offers you information and effective tools.

Discover one by one the professional tools and our services to help you with your investment decisions..

Global Analyzer

The Global Analyzer gives you a clear and immediate diagnosis of the investment opportunity for each stock that is available on one of our many online stock markets. An online financial analysis report especially for you.

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Idea Centre

The idea centre gathers three unique powerful investment tools (the Global Watchlist, the Stock Screener, the Investment themes) to guide you in the search of interesting shares. The financial data is presented in a clear structure and is daily updated.

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Virtual portfolio

At Keytrade Bank Luxembourg, you can create a virtual portfolio enabling you to monitor up to 50 quotes distributed over as many portfolios as you wish. Follow the evolution of your favorite stocks and test your investment strategies.

Real time quotes

You receive real time quotes for the stock exchanges available via Keytrade Bank Luxembourg (except for Madrid, Oslo and Canada).

These are requested per market group and are free as from 3 executed transactions per month on the concerned market group.


Thanks to this service, you will be able to follow stocks and options continuously and in real time. Every price or volume change will be visible on a window without you needing to refresh your screen.

Market depth

This service is an important tool for placing an order, because it gives you the possibility to get a more specific view of where buyers and sellers place themselves on the market

Bij Keytrade Bank Luxembourg is de "diepte van de markt" gratis beschikbaar voor de beurzen van Euronext Brussel, Amsterdam en Parijs.

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Different orders types

To meet your needs perfectly, we give you a choice out of a multitude of order types (market, open, limit, stop, stop limit).

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Technical Analysis

Obtain an analysis of a particular stock by a simple click on a button.

Get the opportunity to test our "Diagnosis" module, the "Comments" module or the "Strategies" module.

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Fundamental diagnostic module

A professional tool, easy to use, which analyses automatically the fundamental quality and the financial health of the listed companies. You will get a summary of all financial information in intelligible language.

In our manual you will find an answer to the following questions:

  • What can I expect from this module?
  • How does the diagnostic module work?
  • How is the information presented?

Above all, it's free of charge.

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